GruppeM's goal is for increased performance.
Stopping power is determined by pads and calipers. But it is the brake lines that determine stopping performance.

Utilizing only select materials and an advanced manufacturing technique without slightest margin for deviation, coming from GruppeM's ongoing commitment of not allowing a single compromise, it is able to be said, that the ultimate in brake lines has now been achieved. GruppeM's Brake Line System is responsive to subtle input, enabling the driver to convey his precise intention to the machine.

This precision can only be crafted within the realm of relentless pursuit and dedication.

The full order system, combine a hose and adapter, etc. freely and can constitute an original brake hose corresponding to the hope of customer.


Stainless mesh Teflon mesh, that have a long track record in history for being used in aircrafts, F1, etc. is used. Boasted of resistance that greatly exceeds the rubber house. Low-expansion rate is realized by reinforcement of stainless mesh coating. Input from the pedal is transmitted directly to the caliper without any loss. Water permeability is low, and prevents water from entering into brake fluid. Moreover, the PVC (plastic vinyl coating) protects the house itself, against damages from the outside force. Deterioration due to heats, etc. is also low thus, it can be used for any situation from a load driving to a circuit race.

GruppeM Brake Line System is a safe product that passed the strict JIS D2601 regulation requirement test.

Fixing bracket for the middle section

It is firmly fastened with a special metal bracket.

Fitting exclusive according to a vehicle model

Fitting is exclusively designed for each car line by accurately reproducing a unique shape.
Workability for mounting has drastically improved by using a different original swivel system
for each car line and by freely rotating an auto body side of fitting parts.


A swivel shaft inside of fitting body is equipped with an O-ring, preventing water, etc., from entering, and outstanding workability without any careless, excessive rotation is realized by creating appropriate resistance on rotation parts.


Newly-designed GruppeM original system “Life Support Sleeve”. By covering joints between a stainless mesh house, a stainless socket, and reducing dynamic stress on brake lines, metallic fatigue due to frictions between metals is prevented. This drastically improves and makes it possible to have durable and long lasting.


The socket itself became more durable by making it thick walled than previous models. Also, a non-destructive mechanical cable pressure joining stake is used to join it to the house permanently. Since this in different from the ready-to-assemble type used for races, there are no leaks or backlash.


But at GuruppeM, by making plural stages, inhibited strongly that leakage of Fluid.


Automotive hydraulic brake hose set that is mounted on the notation vehicle, has been confirmed in our company that they are compatible, about solid and durability, as defined in road haulage vehicles safety standards (braking device) in Article 12.

You absolutely carry out operational check of the attached vehicles , and please request legal six-month check from the shop or authorized repair shop with which it attached.
Because you do not publish it again, please keep this card carefully not to be lost.This card is not issued again, please keep it carefully not to lose.

The full order system, combine a hose and adapter, etc. freely and can constitute an original brake hose corresponding to the hope of customer.